16 July 2021

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Aide Partners Ogilvy PR communicates the art of the printing tradition of Grafiche Mercurio

Milan, July 18th, 2012 – Grafiche Mercurio, graphic arts leader family company in the south of Italy, has decided to trust Aida Partners Ogilvy PR for the management of communication and network building activities. The company will have the advice of a multidisciplinary team, constituted by Gabriele Ciullo, Alessandro Norata e Lucia Bruno, with the strategic supervision of Vincenzo Merante. For over half a century, Grafiche Mercurio makes available to its customers’ expertise, passion, and technology taking them by the hand and guiding their choices about everything that the printing art is, without ever limiting itself to the simple role of suppliers. It is this very consulting approach that Aida Partners Ogilvy PR chose as positioning for spreading the values of a company that, while witnessing at its helm the natural succession of generations, always succeeds at to keep its heart and passion in the middle of its main activity.

“The love for the printing is what has always characterized our reality”, says Diodato Mercurio, CEO of Grafiche Mercurio. “It is, for this reason, that after having decided to undertake a path to communication, we looked for a partner that puts the passion for their work in the first place”.

“For an agency like ours, that has always strived for quality and excellence, is exciting to work with a company that looks ahead to new means of communication without forgetting the solid tradition kept in its roots. Our mission will be to transform all the value elements of this Made in Italy excellence in a model of a virtuous company that combines the know-how with state-of-the-art techniques”, affirms Marco Delle Donne, CEO of Aida Partners Ogilvy PR.

Press releases

Grafiche Mercurio received the
“La Vedovella” award

Grafiche Mercurio is pleased to announce that it was won the prestigious award of “La Vedovella” 2009.

The prize was awarded by Macchingraf in collaboration with a panel of experts and associates each year with printing companies that are more distinct in terms of industrial choices or the quality of their products. In this field, Sergio Franzi, CEO of Macchingaf, presented the award “La Vedovella” to the career of prof. Diodato Mercurio, holder of the Group Mercurio of Angri, for becoming – thanks to the entrepreneurship and the “sake of creating” that has always marked his direction – “the obligatory point of reference in the commercial printing industry in the whole south”. An award that has made proud prof.

Mercurio and his family, that has intervened in the event to represent the company that has lately being noted for its dynamism and quality throughout the national territory.

La Stampa Nazionale

The “La Vedovella” award has been highlighted also by the main specialized magazines of the sector.