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Presentation of Grafiche Mercurio

Respectful of our traditions, driven mostly by the love of the graphic arts, the company has in great consideration the precision and the quality of each individual print. At the same time, it has made speed the motto of his commercial policy. Therefore, Grafiche Mercurio is not in a hurry. But, at the same time, it is quicker.

Quick at printing, quick at delivering everywhere, quick at updating to technological standards, quick at anticipating what the customers desire, delivering new services.

Today we show you our activities with an illustrative video.


The south that believes in the south grows

Spot Ministry of Economic Development – National operational program of local entrepreneurship development.


The expansion of the potential of printing

The inaugural event of the new plant and the press Goss Sunday 4000/48, organized by Grafiche Mercurio in collaboration with Macchingraf and Heidelberg. Sergio Franzi, president of Macchingraf offers to the Mercurio family an acknowledgment for being Innovation Pioneers of graphic technology in the south of Italy.