16 July 2021

Press releases

Grafiche Mercurio in the convention of Legambiente (League for the Environment) “Sustainability: meeting field between Distribution and Printing”

Grafiche Mercurio, one of the most competitive industries of graphic arts, has decided to support the conference sponsored by Legambiente “Sustainability: meeting ground between Distribution and Printing”, that will be held next February 7th in Milan at the Columns Rooms (Sala Colonne) of the BPM, with the objective of photographing the relationship between GDO and enterprises in a sustainable way.

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Coating Days Sud – a collaborativ event with Heidelberg on the ennobling of the press

Two days at the company headquarters in Angri (Salerno) full of demonstrations on the technology for the ennobling of the press.

Visitors were able to appreciate the technology used by Grafiche Mercurio, seeing the different nobility possibilities of Saphira paints, the Speedmaster XL105-7LYYL printing machine complete with Foilstar.

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Presentation of Grafiche Mercurio

Respectful of our traditions, driven mostly by the love of the graphic arts, the company has in great consideration the precision and the quality of each individual print. At the same time, it has made speed the motto of his commercial policy. Therefore, Grafiche Mercurio is not in a hurry. But, at the same time, it is quicker.

Quick at printing, quick at delivering everywhere, quick at updating to technological standards, quick at anticipating what the customers desire, delivering new services.

Today we show you our activities with an illustrative video.

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The technological mastery of Grafiche Mercurio – PrintPub

Grafiche Mercurio of Angri (Salerno) can claim to be the first company worldwide to have implemented the new online color regulation system developed by QuadTech in collaboration with Alwan Color Expertise. The result: constant chromatic quality and fidelity, certificate ISO-12647.

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Forefront among the largest manufacturers of printing of the South and Center of Italy – Stampare

For once is a reality for the South-Center to acquire the first place of the technological innovations in the graphic arts. The record, actually, belongs to Grafiche Mercurio S.p.A of Angri (Salerno) the first graphic company in the world to have implemented the new online regulation system developed by QuadTech, a global leader in control systems for printing machines, in collaboration with Alwan Color Expertise, a software house specialized in applications for the graphic arts.

Thanks to this important technological integration, Grafiche Mercurio is absolutely the cutting edge among the largest manufacturers of printed advertising, brochures, and labels of southern Italy.

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Aida Partners Ogilvy PR communicates the art of printing of Grafiche Mercurio – Daily Media

Grafiche Mercurio, family company leader in the south of Italy in graphic arts, has decided to trust Aida Partners Ogilvy PR for the management of the communication activities and network building. The company will rely on the advice of a multidisciplinary work team, composed by Gabrielle Ciullo, Alessandro Norata e Lucia Bruno, with the strategic supervision of Vincenzo Merante.

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Goss Sunday 4000: new potential for Grafiche Mercurio

With the presentation of its latest gem, the press Goss Sunday 4000, first and only plant roto-offset 48 pages in southern Italy, Grafiche Mercurio has celebrated its own success obtained in a difficult environment like the Campania.

Thanks to the work and the wish to make the company grow, the Mercurio family has come close in the year 2000 to the roto-offset printing with the acquisition of the Harris Heidelberg M300 Press 16 pages.

Thanks to the success that the market has given to the company, after this fruitful experience, Grafiche Mercurio has decided to acquire the new Sunday 4000 of 48 pages to ultimately consolidate and amplify its business, in order to have a position as a leader in its own territory. The automatized workflow now allows a quick start, fast job changes, and material savings, optimizing costs and making competitive the press production.

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Grafiche Mercurio to the Legambiente ( League for the Environment) conference – Stampamedia Il poligrafico

Grafiche Mercurio, one of the most competitive industries of graphic arts, has decided to support the conference sponsored by Legambiente “Sustainability: meeting ground between Distribution and Printing”, that will be held next February 7th in Milan at the Columns Rooms (Sala Colonne) of the BPM, with the objective of photographing the relationship between GDO and enterprises in a sustainable way.

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The warning of father Salvatore: “Go further than the others” – Il Mattino di Salerno

Angri. Diodato Mercurio, the today owner of the company along with his brother Gerardo and his son Salvatore, has a son – Fabio who is the Manager in China. A Master from Ceibs, the Shangai University created as a joint venture between China and Europe, Fabio, today 35 years old, is the principal in Shangai for A.T.Kearney, a global management consulting firm.

Father Diodato chose another path at the beginning, that of a teacher, but alongside the old passion, one that was born thanks to “violent love” after smelling lead as a child when he visited his father in the printing and learned to correct the proofreads. This way he began to divide his time between classes -in the morning- and the graphic arts –in the afternoon- with betting on a car to take him throughout the south to show potential customers their hand-made work, even before the arrival of the linotype.

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Noble books and flyers, in printing, the gold printing of Agri – Il Mattino di Salerno

“Chi nun tene curaggio nun se cocca cu ‘e femmene belle” (he who has not courage, doesn’t find beautiful women).

Is the phrase of the founder Salvatore, evoked by his son Diodato Mercurio, 66 years, CEO of Grafiche Mercurio, has all the philosophy of the family. It is the history of a company born in the sixties in a tiny typographic shop in the street of Vittorio Emanuele in Angri, that grew by printing in offset for other typographic shops the frames of mourning posters and arrived at a factory in the industrial area of ten thousand square meters and 70 employees, by dint of trying with the courage of those who always seek the best, alias the femmine belle, and anticipate the technological innovations that give you advantage over the market.

Just before the launch of a novelty adopted for the first time in the world here in the heart of the Nocera-Sarno area, a stone’s throw from cultivated fields and canneries, the economic heart the area. Grafiche Mercurio is the first company to use the “QuadTech” system which intervenes in the online color correction.

In practice, the continuous dialogue between the press and prepress delivers consistently the same color quality, without variation from one edition of the same project. This way, it is possible to print in accordance with the rigid standards of international ISO and reproduce to perfection the color proofs of the clients.