Press Review

Noble books and flyers, in printing, the gold printing of Agri – Il Mattino di Salerno

“Chi nun tene curaggio nun se cocca cu ‘e femmene belle” (he who has not courage, doesn’t find beautiful women).

Is the phrase of the founder Salvatore, evoked by his son Diodato Mercurio, 66 years, CEO of Grafiche Mercurio, has all the philosophy of the family. It is the history of a company born in the sixties in a tiny typographic shop in the street of Vittorio Emanuele in Angri, that grew by printing in offset for other typographic shops the frames of mourning posters and arrived at a factory in the industrial area of ten thousand square meters and 70 employees, by dint of trying with the courage of those who always seek the best, alias the femmine belle, and anticipate the technological innovations that give you advantage over the market.

Just before the launch of a novelty adopted for the first time in the world here in the heart of the Nocera-Sarno area, a stone’s throw from cultivated fields and canneries, the economic heart the area. Grafiche Mercurio is the first company to use the “QuadTech” system which intervenes in the online color correction.

In practice, the continuous dialogue between the press and prepress delivers consistently the same color quality, without variation from one edition of the same project. This way, it is possible to print in accordance with the rigid standards of international ISO and reproduce to perfection the color proofs of the clients.