Press Review

Goss Sunday 4000: new potential for Grafiche Mercurio

With the presentation of its latest gem, the press Goss Sunday 4000, first and only plant roto-offset 48 pages in southern Italy, Grafiche Mercurio has celebrated its own success obtained in a difficult environment like the Campania.

Thanks to the work and the wish to make the company grow, the Mercurio family has come close in the year 2000 to the roto-offset printing with the acquisition of the Harris Heidelberg M300 Press 16 pages.

Thanks to the success that the market has given to the company, after this fruitful experience, Grafiche Mercurio has decided to acquire the new Sunday 4000 of 48 pages to ultimately consolidate and amplify its business, in order to have a position as a leader in its own territory. The automatized workflow now allows a quick start, fast job changes, and material savings, optimizing costs and making competitive the press production.