Press Review

The technology mastery of Grafiche Mercurio – Rassegna Grafica

Grafiche Mercurio of Angri (Salerno) can claim to be the first company worldwide to have implemented the new online color regulation system developed by QuadTech in collaboration with Alwan Color Expertise. For once it is an industrial reality of the center-south to achieve for the first time the goal of the technological innovation applied to the graphic arts.

The record, actually awaits for Grafiche Mercurio S.p.A. of Angri (Salerno), the first graphic company in the world to have implemented the new online color regulatory system developed by QuadTech, a global leader in control systems for printing machines, in collaboration with Alwan Color Expertise, a software house specialized in graphic arts applications.

The system adopted by Grafiche Mercurio, represents the state-of-the-art in automized management of quality and chromatic consistency in the production of four color printing on rotating offset, allowing the company to achieve the same excellence standards in color reproduction as the ones already achieved in the sheetfed department. Essentially, the system is able to measure the color as it is printed and to transfer the data to the software in the prepress stage. Any deviation of the standard condition is automatically detected and the software will generate real-time tone curves needed for correction, in a way that the press is in accordance with the specifications of ISO 12647-2.