Press releases

Dedicated investments and openness to new business

“Faster and faster, never in a hurry!”, This is the motto of Grafiche Mercurio which, for over 60 years, has led the industrial center of Angri.

The latest investment by the Mercurio family aims to amaze the customer by reducing creation and delivery times, thanks to a Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 with a configuration also designed for plastic materials, which will allow it to enter the in-mold market.

The artisan passion, handed down through the generations, is flanked by research and technological development, thus becoming a successful business.

The company has a turnover of over 20 million and is considered among the most avant-garde companies in the graphic landscape of Southern Italy.

70% of the turnover derives from the production by the rotary press for large-scale distribution; the remainder derives from the production of labels for food companies, a highly developed sector in the area.

The printing department is the real heart of this company thanks to the highly specialized staff responsible for the operation of the very complex machinery used in the industrial typography. Among the machines, we find the 48-page Sunday 4000 8-color press, the 24-page Sunday 2000 and the seven-color Heidelberg XL105 with double coater

The real star is the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8P + LYYLX4 with CutStar unwinder, which allows you to use the offset press in web or sheet mode which includes a double IR and UV in-line coater.

An important configuration, specifically designed to meet the challenges of the label market, such as the printing of very thin materials sensitive to dimensional deformation. Among the features of the system stands out the Heidelberg CutStar unwinder, completely integrated into the machine itself to give the possibility to print complex materials while maintaining a high level of productivity.

“This unwinder – explains Gerardo Mercurio – gives us a great advantage: using the reel it allows us to reach the maximum speed up to 18000 copies / hour. Furthermore, we can obtain significant savings on the purchase of paper “.

The DryStar LED curing technology, used in combination with the drying towers between the two painters, is also designed to ensure flexibility that does not compromise production speed. It should also be emphasized the presence of the x4 outlet, which allows acrylic and UV drying at high speeds while keeping the temperatures inside the pallet under control, for a technological balance between speed and quality.

Finally, we find the “P” voltura, the real flagship of this configuration. This device allows you to print face-to-face materials with thicknesses up to 0.8 mm, significantly increasing the application opportunities of this system.

The configuration equipped with the in-mold package for printing on plastic will allow Grafiche Mercurio to enter this market.

“With this machine we can afford industrial production in the in-mold sector, also thanks to the equipment of a Heidelberg XL 106 DD rotary die-cutter and a Polar DCC die-cutter with counter-pressure cylinder and in-line banding dedicated to this application – he continues. – Our goal is to establish the second industrial pole of plastic products “.

And he concludes: “I think that being an entrepreneur in the south is much more difficult, but in 60 years of history we have obtained a lot of satisfaction and gratification. We have achieved these objectives because we have always guaranteed constant availability and availability and we respond personally to existing and potential customers. This for us is the right way to do business “.